This area will give users and other interested parties an idea of where Infoglue is heading and what features to expect in the future.

It is important for readers to understand that these list only are rough plans and no guarante are made that the updates will be released at the proposed dates. The community allways set quality first so we will release when we feel the platform is ready and tested. This sometimes mean we will release earlier or later and sometimes we add/substract functionality from a release. Join the community if you want to be able to influence the decisions on this point.

Rough plans for version 3.1 (release date Q4-2013):

  • Minor patches expected for bugs found in the 3.0 release.
  • Upgrade to CKEditor 4.4.
  • Small improvements to the UX
  • JSP 2.2 support including latest JSTL
  • Tomcat 7 support

Rough plans for version 3.5 (release date - 2014/2015):

  1. OSGI-support
  2. Possibly change persistent framework to Hibernate or switch to Jackrabbit
  3. Possibly spring / vaadin / other 

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