Team and Contributers

Infoglue is nothing without a good and active community of users and developers. As nothing is done by itself we have devoted this page to the people active in the project.

Infoglue and other Open source communities allways requires that participants are driven and able to take own initiatives. When new in a project it is hard to be driven as everything is new. I would recommend new users to start by signing up to the infoglue mailing-lists, start exxperimenting with Infoglue and read the latest release plan under roadmap. If you wish to work on Project Management rather than development maybe you could begin comparing InfoGlue with other CM-platforms and suggest new features and future directions for the project so we can stay competetive. A lot of marketing work can also be done and recruiting more members is also important. If you wish to develope new features just tell us what and we'll help you get going.

The developers now are

  • Mattias Bogeblad - Lead architect and co-lead developer
  • Erik Stenbäcka - co lead and configuration manager
  • Johan Dahlgren - developer and GUI designer
  • Kai Johansson - Art Director
  • Romain Gonord - developer

Previous developers worth mentioning

  • Stefan Sik - Architect and co-founder
  • Per Johnsson - committer
  • Frank Febraro - committer
  • Jed Prentice - committer
  • Patrik Nyborg - committer
  • Magnus Guvenal - committer



If you want to be part of the team just mail us.

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