Infoglue Calendar

InfoGlue Calendar

The InfoGlue Calendar is a portlet-based calendar and event management system. It is designed and built to integrate especially well with InfoGlue. Is has a lot of useful features like:

  • Unlimited number of calendars
  • Each calendar can have one or many administrators
  • Easy to use event publishing system
  • Possibility to allow anonymous event-creation
  • Events can have a limited number of participants
  • Support for participant registration
  • Advanced search and handling of registered participants
  • Several different levels of administration - based on InfoGlue:s authorization system.
  • Swedish and English support and easy to extend.
  • Events can be written i any number of languages.

The InfoGlue Calendar requires Java 1.5, Tomcat 5.x and InfoGlue 2.4 or higher.

The calendar system leaves much to with for when it comes to documentation and if you want more info or help evaluating it you should probably consult one of the creators or a partner with experience.