Infoglue Calendar

InfoGlue Calendar Installation

There are some steps required to install the InfoGlue Calendar portlet. As there are some settings that needs to be made for the portlet concerning which database to use etc this takes some steps.

Begin by downloading the portlet-war here (soon to come).

Next deploy the war in the tomcat container. You should be able in the future to deploy it through InfoGlue but for now we recommend deploying by hand as there are some settings we need to set up manually.

Deploy by either putting the war in the webapps directory or unpack the war into a directory you name "infoglueCalendar". After the webapp is expanded either by tomcat or by you you must setup the database and connect the portlet to the database.

Download the sql-schema below and run it to create your database.

  • MYSQL 5.0+ script here
  • SQL Server 2000+ script here
  • Oracle 9i+ script here

Then edit the follwing files:

  • infoglueCalendar/WEB-INF/classes/hibernate.cfg.xml
  • infoglueCalendar/WEB-INF/classes/

These files controls most of the behaviour you need to control.