Infoglue IDE

InfoGlue Eclipse IDE

To make the development process as fast and efficient as possible we are now proud to present (Thanks to Stefan Sik) a plugin to the popular development platform Eclipse. This plugin makes it possible to connect to your InfoGlue-installation and edit templates / components directly from Eclipse. That gives you several benefits:

  • You save the component in eclipse and reload the browser and you directly see changes you made. No need for cut and paste any more.
  • Your local eclipse directory / project is synced with the InfoGlue Content tree so you know it allways is up2date.
  • You get all the benefits from editing in eclipse and all the InfoGlue tags are available in the eclipse code helper.

When I use this tool I assess that I'm probably saving i hour per day compared to my old process. That is - if I'm developing components and testing and changing a lot.

To install it you just need to follow the tutorial we wrote.