Infoglue IDE

IG Eclipse Plugin Manual

We are very happy to announce a new valuable InfoGlue-tool. This time it's aimed at developers and integrates the power of the Eclipse platform into InfoGlue. Most developers work in Eclipse to develop their JSP components for InfoGlue and so far they have been forced to copy / paste their work into InfoGlue to see it in action. This plugin makes it possible to get your code deployed to the server whenever you press save in eclipse.


You need the following version of Eclipse etc.

  • Eclipse 3.3.x here(Europa for example) - choose Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
  • Java 5.x or higher
  • InfoGlue 2.6 or higher on the server
  • Also - you must always connect directly against Apache Tomcat and not against Apache HTTP-server which then uses mod_jk for example. It is known to mess up communication.

Installation Instructions


Step 1: Enter the Eclipse Update System



Step 2: Register a new remote site


Step 2: Register a new remote site continued…


The name can be anything but the URL must be:


Step 3: Mark the new update site…


Step 4: Mark the IGIDE-feature and press next


Step 5: Accept the license and press ”Next”.


Step 6: Review and press ”Finish”.



Step 7: Review and press ”Install”.



Step 8: Press Yes to restart Eclipse.


Step 9: After restart – enter preferences to configure plugin.


Step 9: Open the InfoGlue Content Explorer and create a new connection.


Local project name: A local project you want the files to be stored in.
Server Base Url: The base url to the InfoGlue-instance you want to work with.
Example Base Url: http://localhost:8080/infoglueCMS
Username: mattias (the username you normally use in infoglueCMS)
Password: mypass (the password you normally use in infoglueCMS)


Step 10: Choose to open a new View.


Step 11: Choose the new InfoGlue Content Explorer.


Step 12: Success!

If you made all setting correct you can now see all repositories and edit the contents within. A save here will now upload the templates etc to the server and you don’t have to cut and paste ever again.